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Date Posted: 14 November 2015

We have made many additions and revisions to the web site, incorporating references to A Printing History throughout, making textual changes to improve clarity and reflect new information, and repairing or removing broken external links. The bindings section now has five new images of the Bedford, Aldine, and suede bindings. In the jackets section we have added two images of the Makers and Finders boxed set, three new movie tie-in jackets, and have replaced six other images with better examples. The titles section now includes an example of a Bedford title page. The advertisements section has a new one from a 1912 American magazine. The bookmarks section has a bookmark/order form for the Stevenson series. And on the home page, note the link at bottom left to Ron Holl's handy searchable catalog.

Date Posted: December 2014

The Boston College Burns Library sponsored an exhibit of Everyman volumes from their collection. Included were volumes from the personal libraries of Rex Stout, Flann O'Brien, Hillaire Belloc, and Graham Greene.

Date Posted: 1 September 2014

Along with minor tweaks to the site index page, the Everyman Miscellany page has been revised to include images of a 2nd edition quarter-leather Everyman's Encylopedia in a Craftsman-style wooden shelf from the collection of Mike Greenleaf.

Date Posted: 22 June 2014

The Advertisements page has been revised to include images of a prospectus and order form for the The Everyman Encyclopedia from the collection of Simon Coombs, and the Everyman Miscellany page has been revised to include images of a unique boxed set of Green's Short HIstory of the English People from the collection of John Krygier.

Date Posted: 7 December 2011

Great news! Terry Seymour's new book, A Printing History of Everyman's Library 1906-1982, is now available from AuthorHouse. While his Guide (2005) remains useful for the background information not repeated in this newer work, A Printing History provides completely revised and expanded entries for each volume in EML. Every serious collector requires a copy of this essential reference.

Date Posted: 4 September 2011

The Dutton Modern Dress Jackets page has been revised to include an image of the "Birds" jacket from the collection of John Wolansky.

Date Posted: 23 April 2010

The Other Bindings section has been revised with an image of Terry Seymour's collection of Taylor/Burton bindings, and in the Other Early Jackets section we now have examples of the 1925 Stevenson jackets.

Date Posted: 17 April 2010

In the Spring 2010 issue of Fine Books and Collections, our website has been listed as one of "the best and most comprehensive online exhibits about books and manuscripts." Because of their list's emphasis on institutional public exhibits past and present, FB&C  links to us on their Biblio 360 Online Exhibits page through our account of the 2008 "ABC of Collecting Everyman's Library" exhibit at the University of North Carolina Wilson Library.

Date Posted: 27 November 2009

We have added several new things to the site. The Other Bindings section now has an image of an experimental suede binding as well as a rebound volume from the Taylor/Burton collection. Under Other Early Jackets, we have added images of the "dandelion" reference jacket and an unusual experimental jacket design. There is also a new Library Dust Jackets section, and in Special Dust Jackets there is a rare cover for the 1942 edition of the Everyman's English Dictionary. Finally, we have added the text of Robert Lynd's 1946 obituary tribute to Ernest Rhys.

Date Posted: 27 April 2008

Called an "eye-opening exhibit" by The News & Observer, "The ABC of Collecting Everyman's Library" at the Wilson Library of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill was an outstanding success. The exhibit opened on 17 January 2008 with a lecture by Terry Seymour, independent scholar, collector, and author of The Guide to Collecting Everyman's Library. Originally slated to end on 31 March, the exhibit was so popular among scholars, collectors, students, and the local community that it was extended an additional two weeks, and came to a reluctant close on 12 April. For those of us who were able to travel to Chapel Hill to view the exhibition, it was an extraordinary and delightful experience, made especially pleasant by the friendliness and enthusiasm of Dr. Elizabeth Chenault and her Rare Book Collection staff. For those of you who could not make the trip, we have created a special Everyman's Library Exhibit page containing related images, links, and the text of Terry Seymour's lecture.

Date Posted: 3 January 2008

An Everyman Exhibition

"The ABC of Collecting
Everyman's Library"

17 January -- 31 March 2008
University of North Carolina
Wilson Library

Opening Program: Thursday 17 January, 5:45 pm.
featuring a lecture by

Terry Seymour
"The Adventures of a Collector"

Items from his personal collection will be on loan to UNC as part of the exhibit. For details, visit:

UNC Library Exhibit

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