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The University of North Carolina Wilson Library exhibit, "The ABC of Collecting Everyman's Library: Archives, Books, Collectors", opened on 17 January 2008 with a lecture by Terry Seymour entitled "The Adventures of a Collector" and closed on 12 April. Displayed below are various promotional materials for the exhibit, and a slideshow of photographs, most of which I took while visiting on 15 February. These are not exactly great photos, for a flash would have reflected off the glass cases, and I was using a simple digital camera without high-speed lens settings. But they will at least give you some idea of the layout and scope of this magnificent exhibit. The photos of the library exterior were taken in the summer of 2006, and the stack of books photo at left was taken by a member of the library staff. Lastly, some links to related web pages are provided.

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Exhibit poster Lecture flyer Wilson library

Exhibit poster

Lecture flyer

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Exhibit Catalog Catalog Title Page

Exhibit catalog

Catalog title page

Some of the images in the catalog came from this very website, and we are duly credited in "Resources for Collectors" on page 17.

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