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The following are some examples of Everyman's Library flyers distributed by Dent and two full-page advertisements placed by Dutton in American magazines. The 1928 flyer also appears on the Bookmarks page in its folded state.

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1928 flyer 1928 flyer

1928 bookmark flyer, outer side

1928 bookmark flyer, inner side

National Geographic ad American Magazine ad American Edu Review

November 1910 National Geographic

October 1911 American Magazine

Source: Ron Holl

September 1912 American Education Review

Literary Guides Literary Guides

It appears that Dent issued the "Everyman's Literary Guides to the British Isles" pamphlets from 1934 until at least 1938. They were compiled by Kathleen Conyngham Greene (1885-?, author of The English Landscape in Picture, Prose, and Poetry [1932] ) Apparently they could be requested individually or as a set. Each pamphlet lists authors that hail from the subject area, and books that deal with it. The London pamphlet (No. 1) is 12 pages in length. The others are either 8 or 4 pages long. See History 23f.

1940 flyer 1940 flyer

1940 flyer, outer side

1940 flyer, inner side

1940 flyer 1940 flyer

October 1940 flyer, outer side

October 1940 flyer, inner side

This flyer is unusual in that it is folded twice horizontally and opens vertically, such that each side had to be scanned in two overlapping halves.

Encyclopedia Advert Encyclopedia Advert

1912 Encyclopedia prospectus, front

1912 Encyclopedia prospectus, back

Source: Simon Coombs

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