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From 1906-27, advertisements and title lists were printed on the dustjackets, both outside and inside. In 1928, along with the change to the shield binding style, Dents also redesigned the dustjackets. It would seem likely that at this time they also began to produce bookmarks for advertising the series, but this is an unproven supposition. Bookmarks promoting the Everyman's Encyclopedia are especially common. The images below are representative only, as there were many variations, paper stocks and colors, and minor differences in wording among similar bookmarks. Many of the dates given are surmised from the indication of the number of volumes issued (see Guide 57-8). For other advertisements that were not designed as bookmarks, see the Advertisements page.

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1925 RLS Bookmark 1925 RLS Bookmark 1925 RLS Bookmark

This bifold 1925 bookmark/order form advertises the publication of the works of Robert Louis Stevenson. There were seven volumes in all, but the last one, No. 769 In the South Seas had not appeared yet. All of these had distinctive pictorial jackets. For more information, see Guide 37, History 11.

1928 Bookmark 1931 Bookmark 1931 Bookmark

This 1928 bookmark is actually a trifold flyer. See the Advertisments page for the unfolded images.

1931 bookmarks advertising the Encyclopedia.

1932 Bookmark 1932 Bookmark

1932 pictorial bookmarks. Both sides of the Shelley bookmark are shown, the verso material in the others differing only in the first paragraph. The quotation from Shelley appears on the title page of volumes in the Poetry & Drama section; the Sidney quote is for Fiction; the Carlyle quote is for History; and the Milton quote is for Biography.

1935 Bookmark 1936 Bookmark 1939 Bookmark




1930s Bookmark 1930s Bookmark 1950 Bookmark




1966 Bookmark 1967 Bookmark

1966 Diamond Jubilee


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