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7 December 2011. Great news! Terry Seymour's new book, A Printing History of Everyman's Library 1906-1982, is now available from AuthorHouse. While his Guide (2005) remains useful for the background information not repeated in this newer work, A Printing History provides completely revised and expanded entries for each volume in EML. Every serious collector requires a copy of this essential reference.

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A visual resource for collectors of the original Everyman's Library, a series of reprint classics published between 1906 and 1978 by J. M. Dent & Sons (London) and E. P. Dutton (New York).

Supplements Terry Seymour's definitive and indispensable works:

A Guide to Collecting Everyman's Library (2005)
A Printing History of Everyman's Library 1906-1982 (2011)

both available from:
AuthorHouse   |    Good Books

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Everyman Remembers

Good titles like good lyrics drop from heaven. The finding of one, arresting and explicit, was the grand crux. We must have made up a score of possible names for the new series ... but not one of them quite satisfied us. Then one day, walking along Garrick Street past the doors of the Garrick Club, not thinking of anything in particular, I suddenly remembered the lines of the old mystery play: "Everyman, I will go with thee and be thy guide, In thy most need to go by thy side"—that gave me the cue, and sent me marching into the office where the old chief sat. "Eureka!"  I said. "I have found the title— Everyman's Library." He stared for a moment incredulously, then said, "Why, yes, you have got it!"

—Ernest Rhys

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Visit the Dent collections at the UNC-Chapel Hill Wilson Library Rare Book Collection and the Manuscript Department

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The new Everyman's Library (1991- ) is published by Knopf (in North America) and Orion Books (in the UK)

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Many collectors of Everyman's Library also collect the Modern Library and vice versa

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