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24 April 2016. We have substantially reorganized the Bindings page and added a 'Paperbacks' section. For example, rather than relegate the Aldine and Bedford bindings to the 'Other Bindings' section, they are moved up under the 'Flatback Era' section because that was the era in which they were produced. Still left in the 'Other' section are the Taylor/Burton bindings, with some additional examples from the collection of Simon Coombs.

8 April 2016. Besides Everyman's Library, Terry Seymour's book collecting and bibliographical interests include the works of Samuel Johnson and James Boswell. The beginning of April saw the release of his newest book, a major contribution to Boswell scholarship six years in the making, Boswell's Books: Four Generations of Collecting and Collectors, published by Oak Knoll Press.

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A visual resource for collectors of the original Everyman's Library, a series of reprint classics published 1906-1982 by J. M. Dent & Sons (London) and E. P. Dutton (New York).

Listed as one of "the best and most comprehensive online exhibits about books and manuscripts" by Fine Books and Collections (Spring 2010).

Supplements Terry Seymour's definitive works, available from AuthorHouse:

A Guide to Collecting Everyman's Library (2005)

A Printing History of Everyman's Library 1906-1982 (2011)

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Everyman Remembers

Good titles like good lyrics drop from heaven. The finding of one, arresting and explicit, was the grand crux. We must have made up a score of possible names for the new series ... but not one of them quite satisfied us. Then one day, walking along Garrick Street past the doors of the Garrick Club, not thinking of anything in particular, I suddenly remembered the lines of the old mystery play: "Everyman, I will go with thee and be thy guide, In thy most need to go by thy side"—that gave me the cue, and sent me marching into the office where the old chief sat. "Eureka!"  I said. "I have found the title— Everyman's Library." He stared for a moment incredulously, then said, "Why, yes, you have got it!"

—Ernest Rhys

For a complete, searchable listing of titles, see Ron Holl's Everyman's Library Catalog.

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See the article at BookThink: "Buying and Selling Everyman's Library"

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The new Everyman's Library (1991- ) is published in New York and in London by Random House Inc.

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Many collectors of Everyman's Library also collect the Modern Library and vice versa.

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